98-year-old grandmother decided to perform in the opera and succeeded! The moved audience rewarded her with a standing ovation!

It is never too late to dream, which is what Lois Cunningham proved, making a bold decision and agreeing to appear in front of a full audience at the Grand Ole Opry. Her piano playing moved everyone and showed that people of all ages can enjoy life and pursue their passions.

Grand Ole Opry is a place particularly important for country music. Artists dream of performing on the stage there, because it is a confirmation of their talent and a chance to show their skills in front of the most important people in the industry. Recently, Josh Turner performed at the opera house, and surprised the audience by inviting his wife’s almost 100-year-old grandmother on stage.



Not many people would have decided on such an act as Josh did. He gave up a part of his performance for Lois, his wife’s beloved grandmother. He invited the woman onto the stage, introduced her to the audience and said that her dream was to perform in this place and that she now she has the opportunity to do it for the first time. The elderly lady performed a song titled “How Great Thou Art” on the piano and showed everyone that she is a very talented musician. She played with commitment, passion and attention to every detail of the performance.

Lois played the whole song from memory, without the help of sheet music.


Lois’ performance captivated the audience, who could not believe that at the age of 98 years, one can play so beautifully and with such passion. She was rewarded with a standing ovation and her joy was the only evidence necessary to prove that she had just fulfilled one of her biggest dreams.

Age doesn’t matter, passion for music does.