A 1400 year old tree beautifully decorates a Buddhist temple

Gingko is a species of trees that come from China. It’s a relict and endemic species, which means that it naturally occurs in strict and specific conditions. Unfortunately, the Gingko tree is endangered in its natural environment, there are only 167 left! What’s interesting is that they can live for hundreds of years! Some trees, according to research, can even be 3400 years old!

The Gingko are trees that have medicinal properties, an extract from this tree aids in fighting dementia and generally has a good effect on a person’s condition.

The tree is very resistant to climate change, so it spreads very well all over the world and is frequently found in parks in many countries.


The Gingko tree, which caught the attention of many Chinese inhabitants and residence all over the world, is located in the Gu Guanyin Buddhist temple in the Zhongnan mountains. The golden leaves that fall from it beautifully wrap around the tree, even giving a magical look to the temple.


Many people come to the temple not only to pray, but to see the tree. Such a view always gives an inclination to take some thought and reflect.

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