A 2 sentence horror. A simple contest, which turned out to be brilliant… and scary!

More doesn’t mean better, especially when it comes to horrors. The viewer is most afraid, until seeing what lurks in the darkness. Everyone is scared of different things. Some people are frightened by a spider in the bathtub, while others by unidentified knocking and creaking inside their closet.

Darkness is where most of our own fears and anxieties hide. This is what creators base their novels and horror movies on. Recently, a post appeared on Reddit in which the user “meiguess” asked others to write a horror story… in two sentences. It’s seems as if that’s not enough to scare anyone…

I have a picture of me sleeping on my phone. I live alone.


1 horror

My sister told me that mom killed her. Mom told me that I don’t have a sister.



I heard my mother calling me into the kitchen. When I was leaving the room I heard a whisper coming out of the closet: “Don’t go there honey, I heard it too.”