A 3 year old girl ignores Army protocol and runs to hug her father. How beautiful!

Work as a soldier involves constant absence and missing your family. Exercises, training courses, and staying at training grounds for several weeks condemn them to be separated from their close ones. It’s even worse when they go away for overseas missions which last for several months. Small children may not understand why their daddy is always not around or yearn while waiting for them to return home.

Recently there was a welcome home ceremony for the American soldiers of the 3rd Military Armored Brigade, which stayed for 8 months in Asia. The Ceremony was disrupted by a small girl, who ran to the soldiers standing at attention and hugged her dad.

She couldn’t wait until the end of the ceremony, and not worrying about anything or anyone, affectionately welcomed her father. He broke the rigorous rules and hugged the small child. The whole situation was recorded with a mobile phone by one of the participants of the meeting.