A 6-year-old dared to dance with a woman in a red dress. The guests will remember this wedding party for years to come!

What do kids do at wedding receptions? Mostly they gorge themselves on sweets, run around the room or spend time in the kids’ area. They can usuallat take care of themselves without disturbing adults. They dance rarely and if they do, they choose to move around with their parents or a few other kids.

They rarely decide to go solo. They are ashamed and think they do not have sufficient skills to match those of the elder partygoers.


This boy decided to impress everyone and show off his talents. He made an example that even a young couple could look up to! He danced the Chechen (Lezginka), a Caucasian folk dance characterized by a lively pace and dynamic body movements. It can be danced in pairs or collectively. In the first case, the partners do not even touch. Women are moving much more softly, while men dance in a joyful and dynamic way. Sometimes they fall on their knees or strike an eagle’s pose.

Just look at what this boy was doing on the dance floor!