A 6-year-old looked at a man in a wheelchair and was the only one to notice something that no one else could think of

Children have an amazing gift of seeing things that no adult could notice.

Not without reason is it said that children are small radars. They perfectly remember everything, especially what they should not remember, and with great ease they can wrap themselves around the fingers of adults. They know exactly who is sensitive to sad eyes, and with whom there is no negotiation. Adults often do not realize just how much children playing nearby know, who supposedly do not listen.


Children have a very high degree of freedom in uttering their thoughts and judgments. They do not care if someone is listening. Well, not only once do parents get embarrassed. When a child comments on a person who is different from others. Only from the influence of adults can shame and a understanding of what is taboo form in a child. Parents always try to instill good behavior in children and what not to say and what to keep to themselves.

How not to offend anyone. A sensitive issue is also commenting on the disabilities of others by children. In kids, it does not come from spite, but out of their curiosity of difference. They cannot stop themselves when they see someone in a wheelchair or visibly disabled and not ask why it is so. The fact that children are more perceptive than adults, you’ll find on the next page, read the story told by the mother of a curious six-year-old child.