A 90-year-old woman refused cancer treatment, instead she decided to do something unusual!

A nonagenarian decided not to submit to disease and against the advice of doctors she gave up treatment and took advantage of the time that she had left. She set off on a journey through different states and intends to see a lot of places before going away.

Norma didn’t have an easy year, in two weeks, after 67 years of marriage, her husband died and she was diagnosed with cancer. However, Norma doesn’t want to break down and spend the rest of her time left on treatment and worrying.

The doctors didn’t give her family much hope, that her body would withstand operations and chemotherapy, which she was waiting for. Norma had the same opinion, she survived 90 years, so she doesn’t complain about having little time. She went into the world. Under the care of family members, she decided to see as much as she could!



Norma not caring about the disease, lived life to the fullest. What’s curious is that her cancer symptoms diminished, and the woman no longer felt pain.

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