A ban on using cell phones while walking down the street. Will this scenario be implemented?

Mobile phones are an invention that gripped the entire world. Seeing people walking down the streets with their eyes fixed on their phones is becoming more frequent. Regardless of the geographic location, the problem of mobile-mania is growing.

Unfortunately, staring in the phone can be very dangerous, especially if you move around in public space: the streets, walkways, roads and park paths. Our focus and attention is then dispersed, so it’s easy to get injured or cause one. This problem is increasingly being perceived by municipal authorities, which seek to increase the safety of pedestrians on the streets.


A very firm stance was adopted by the stewards of New Jersey, who submitted a bill prohibiting sending text messages while walking the streets.

Writing an SMS is a fast, convenient and inexpensive form of communication, but it has some drawbacks: it completely absorbs attention.


As the local American governments explain, people staring into their phones don’t pay attention to their environment and pose a threat to pedestrians and other drivers. The introduction of appropriate laws would significantly reduce unreasonable behavior and improve road safety, as the number of accidents involving pedestrians increases. If you use the phone while walking in New Jersey, you can face a penalty of $50 or 15 days of jail.

New Jersey would be the first city to legally regulate the issue of writing text messages while walking.