A blind boy asked a stranger to check his lottery ticket. We all know what happened next…

As a society we like to think that we are kind and helpful to anyone we meet. We give a helping hand to those who need it… well, at least someone does. Occupied with our own problems we often avoid a homeless guy or someone who needs help but doesn’t state is openly. Of course we also like to describe ourselves as honest or at least that’s what we want others to think of us.

Johal did a certain honesty test on the streets of California. Standing on the street with a fake lottery ticket stating that he had won 5000 US dollars, Johal stopped two men which didn’t look poor and two homeless people. The results of the test are well beyond scary.

The boy pretended to be a blind kid waiting for his mum and asked passer-by’s to check his ticket and tell him if he had won.


The first man checked the ticket, looked around and ran away without a word. That’s right! Without even a single word!


The second man also stated that the boy hadn’t won anything and offered… to throw away the ticket himself. Another person who tricked a blind guy.

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