A boy noticed something in the lake… no one expected such a discovery 

World War II was the bloodiest armed conflict in Europe. Remnants dating back to that period are still being found today, which is a reminder to the scale and scope of the conflict. A small boy from Estonia was lucky enough to find one of the relics from the years 1939-1945.

A young child was walking near a small lake – Matasjarv (Eastern province of Viru, Estonia), when he noticed something strange. In one place, a wide ditch entered the lake, but it wasn’t a road or path. The youngster, curious of how the gap in the ground was formed, shared his finding with the adults. They went to the place to investigate. As it turned out, the lake holds a relic of the war, which when it slid into the water, left a sizable mark.


The curious residents of neighboring villages tried to find out what lies at the bottom of the lake themselves.

The discovery turned out to be so large that they informed the authorities about it.

To find out what is in the water, specialized equipment had to be rented out.

What were the results of the search? You can read more about that on the next page. 



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