A boy swapped this little girl’s bottle. She drank what she was missing all her life!

You hear a lot about social inequalities in the world. There are countries where wealth comes in contact with extreme poverty, modern skyscrapers with devastated houses, overflowing plates with empty stomachs.

A lot is said about it, but little is done. A lot of people live in poverty, some don’t even have access to clean water. It’s estimated that it’s nearly a billion people!

The lack of drinking water is especially bad for children. By consuming it contaminated, they give in to serious diseases as a result of which they often die.
The following video shows two children, from completely different worlds. We see a day from their lives. They wake up in the morning, dress, eat breakfast and set off for school. They take a bottle of water to school. The boy pours it from out of the tap, the girl from the dirty river … The water is so polluted that the bottle turns light brown. See what happens next.


Sometimes you open your eyes to see the harsh conditions people live. We are not alone in this world, so treat neighbors with respect and don’t hesitate to help them.