A brief note from a mother who moved thousands of internet users. You have to read it!

Apparently, there is no greater love in the world than a mother’s love for a child. It’s the most sincere feeling paid for with many sacrifices, worries and sleepless nights. Despite the many problems that children bring, mother’s love them more than anything in the world, they’re able to forgive many things and try their best to help them grow up to be decent people.

Read the following note, which was posted on Facebook by a mother. It’s short, but very honest and full of love. I think that most women, who have children, will agree with her one hundred percent!

I gave birth to you, and had no instruction manual. I knew I loved you long before I saw you.

I know that sometimes I make mistakes and I’m sorry for that.

I did whatever I could to be the best mother in the world.

All this, I did out of love. You’re my child, my life and my dream.

I will love you no matter what and NOBODY and NOTHING will destroy that love.

Remember, a happy child is not one that will inherit an estate, but one which is endowed with unconditional love.

If you know a special mom, be sure to show this to her!