A brilliant use of additional holes in sports shoes! Did you know what this hole is for?

Most sports shoes have tiny holes through which laces are intertwined. At the end you can see the last “eye”. Mostly we don’t pay too much attention to it, treating the hole as an unnecessary addition. It turns out, however, that it’s quite a useful solution to protect against injuries and rubbing your heels.

You can run the so called Carrick Bend through it, which allows you to hold your foot in a stable and comfortable position. If you are an avid runner or hiker, this additional “function” will be very useful to you.


Watch a video that shows how to secure the foot during athletics. The frantic speed of the spread of the video proves how many people were unaware of what the function of the last hole in shoes is. Admit it, that you also didn’t know? No worries! it’s better to learn late than never!

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