A bus driver was looking at a lonely little boy… The reason he did this is moving!

Recently, while browsing the Internet, I came across a very moving story, which one man shared. He didn’t say his name, and although his story is very simple, it shows how important the goodness of people is and the help that they can give.

Read for yourself:

I was looking through my mother’s letters, and I was reminded of a story that happened to me many years ago, and I just understood it recently.

I was the only child of my parents. My mother got married late and it still was a miracle that I was born sound and healthy.
I was loved by all.

My mother started work very early in the morning. First, she prepared me for the nursery, we rode a bus early, my mother walked me to the building, handed me over to the teacher, and quickly ran after another bus in order to make it to work.

Unfortunately, she often was late and therefore was called to the manager, who did not want to hear excuses and threatened to fire her. It was hard to get a job, and it was known that living on only the paycheck of the father would ‘t work. My mother and father made a difficult decision that I would have to take the commute to the nursery by myself. I was three years old.



I wanted to be brave and not cry. However, I was very afraid of the road from the bus stop to the nursery. My mom was also afraid. But, there was no alternative.

After some time I began to see that the bus driver drove the bus I took very slowly from the bus stop and accelerated only when I got to the gates of the kindergarten. I felt more confident and safer.

After a few years I met the driver who drove me to kindergarten every morning. The driver smiled at the sight of me and said, Hey, little boy! How you’ve grown! Do you remember how I drove you to kindergarten?

Many years have passed since then, but I never forgot that this man cared about me getting safely to school, unasked for by anyone, he cared about me. His simple act of kindness gave me the necessary courage and faith in people