A carer must go help next little orphans, the small kangaroo’s reaction will touch your heart

Australia has a big problem with kangaroos jumping out on the roads. Unfortunately in many cases, despite their strength and flexibility, the animals don’t stand a chance with a fast approaching car. It is very often that adult kangaroos carry new-borns inside their pouch. The baby manages to survive thanks to the shield of its mother’s body but still needs help.

Volunteers sometimes spend all of their free time just to patrol highways in search of little kangaroo orphans. There are many organizations, private as well, which take care of this matter. They find and take care of the small animals until they are capable of taking care of their own. That’s when they can return to their natural environment.

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It was no different when this small kangaroo lost his mother and was taken care of by people. The youngster, which spent most of his time hidden in his parent’s pouch, sticks to his carer. Johanssen Joey works in an animal care centre and takes care of baby kangaroos every day. The small baby just doesn’t want to let go. Looking at this you simply just can’t help your heart melt.