A caretaker allowed a sick woman to eat such a breakfast. Her relatives reacted immediately!

97-year-old Irma Hillerström is very weak and can’t manage her everyday chores. So she decided to use the services of a home-help center called Gertrud Care. Caretakers came from time to time to her apartment to help her bathe, do the laundry or clean the apartment.

One day, Jonas Hiller Power, Irma’s granddaughter’s ex-husband came by for a visit. He wanted to help her get ready for the baptism of their son, which was to be held soon. What he saw shocked him.


The elderly woman was sitting at the table and eating moldy bread. The caretakers didn’t react in any way! As if that wasn’t enough, the man discovered that there were more expired products in the apartment – canned meat from 2015 and spoiled two-month-old milk. Irma has problems with her vision, so she probably didn’t know that she was eating expired food.


He took a picture of the bread and immediately after the baptism returned to the care center, in order to clarify the matter. Unfortunately, the staff didn’t look surprised and explained that the elderly woman was informed about the bread being moldy. In spite of this, she insisted on eating it. The employees also claimed that checking food isn’t part of their responsibilities.

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