A child was born weighing only 200 grams. It’s mother thought that this was the end…

It’s a real miracle when even doctors spread their arms wide and wonder how was it possible that the baby managed to survive. Of course it’s fantastic, that people get so lucky. Especially that the mother was ready for the worst.

Problems with Megan’s pregnancy had started at the very beginning of it, where she suffered attacks which would lead her to the hospital. She laid there for month, observed under every possible angle. Doctors monitored her child’s life parameters and one day realize that the child wasn’t moving. The mother was rushed to surgery right away.


Megan suffered a panic attack and started shouting that the devil was a liar and would never get her child. She cried loudly when the doctors transferred her to surgery because she was sure that she had lost her baby.


The girl was born in the 14th week of pregnancy and weighed just 200 grams! She is the smallest baby to be saved in the history of Carolinas Medical Centre in Charlotte. The doctors, though happy with the success, were very cautious. In order to support her daughter with good power, Megan named her E’Layah Faith. The child showed a great will to live and finally started gaining weight.