A Chilean mayor found a great way to solve the problem of homeless dogs. She ordered to capture them and… gave them a job!

Homeless animals is a problem faced by almost every city or metropolitan area in the world. Most are homeless dogs and cats, and space for them is usually lacking in local shelters, leaving them doomed to wander the streets.

The problem of stray dogs got the attention of Christiana Vittori, which holds the mayor’s office in Quilpué, located in Chile, part of the conurbation of Valparaíso. The woman was looking for a way to make dogs useful for society and turned to the uniformed services for help.


The Mayor decided that can catch stray dogs, of which there are about 1000 in the city and send them for a special training for police dogs. In this way, they will gain new skills and find a socially useful occupation – they will assist law enforcement officers. The city provides such dogs with shelter and food to enable them to perform their service efficiently.

Dogs are very intelligent animals that are easily trained, so the policemen are eager to use their help.

The idea was a hit as most dogs successfully completed the training. Now equipped with reflective vests accompanied by police officers on patrol, which increases their safety, dogs train also in the field of defense. Mayor Vittori’s idea should be an inspiration to other people managing cities, because it shows that with a little good will, any problem can be solved positively and in a way that each party can gain something.

With a mayor thinking out of the box, dogs are looked after, and the police gets help.