A city in the clouds appeared over China!

Many things in the world aren’t completely explained, and with every day we learn more. However, there are still things so mysterious that it is impossible to find an explanation for them. Pondering over these mysteries are specialists from many fields and often amateurs, who devote their whole lives to tracking down and solving their puzzles.

A recording from above the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China has joined the ranks of these mysterious puzzles. Thanks to wide access to mobile phones with cameras, it was possible to record a video that eternalized this strange phenomenon.

Residents of Foshan had the opportunity to see a ghostly city in the clouds. Staring into the enormous gliding cloud, you could see a lot of skyscrapers. It lasted just a few minutes and then disappeared. Some believe it was a simple mirage, and that people saw what they wanted to see. Others believe that for a moment, due to the refraction of the light, a view to a parallel world was able to be seen.



Many people see this as fraud, but how is it harmful for us to believe that somewhere there is a different world. The mysterious phenomenon has been observed in a part of another province – Jiangxi. A similar floating city in the clouds was recorded in 2011 in the province of Anhui.

See the recording and express what you think about it.