A combination of products that have a positive effect on each other. From now on start adding them together!

Skillful combination of products is important not only because of the taste and appearance of food. A matching pair affects the health and well-being. It has been proved that some of the ingredients have a better impact on the body when combined together. They complement each other and make vitamins and minerals more digestible.

It’s good to know which combinations are beneficial to health, and which to avoid. Here are some good connections. They’ll certainly serve your health!

1. Tomato + broccoli

Both vegetables are known because of their anticancer properties (administered together they activate different mechanisms of inhibiting the development of cancer). In addition, lycopene-rich tomatoes neutralize DNA damaging free radicals, and compounds in broccoli help remove them from the body.


2. Cranberry + apple

The antioxidant potential of this fruit is much higher when eaten together.


3. Herring + cream

The combination of these two components significantly enhances bones. For calcium to be “embedded” into the bone, it needs vitamin D, which mostly come from … the sun. People who spend all day indoors, must draw it from foods. The best sources are, of course, fish. So if you want to have healthy bones, reach for herring with sour cream from time to time!