A couple installed a camera in their bedroom. What they recorded at night scared their brains out!

Every house producers some sounds and its owners are already accustomed to them. But what to do when new, strange noises appear, and, what is even worse, objects spontaneously leave their place? Mount a camera.

Mark Apsolon and his girlfriend have been hearing strange noises in their house for some time. The mysterious sounds at times resembled shuffling, at times grinding and appeared only at night. The confused couple installed a camera in their bedroom, hoping that the recording can be the answer.


The couple implemented a plan: in the corner of the room, on the cabinet sat the camera. They went to bed as usual. The first hours were peaceful and did not disturb their sleep, but after 4 o’clock, there was a strange and unexplicable event that made Mark and his beloved one feel insecure at best.

Paranormal occurencies horrify some and bother others.

Although the owners of the house are asleep, and the room has no one else in sight, someone opens the door to the closet, and flips the lamp on the nightstand. Only then can you on the headrest a part of the head of some mysterious figure. Mark was convinced that it was a ghost and began to record other scary movies in his home indicating that on otherwordly figure lives there.

Is it actually a ghost or just another processed recording? Visit Mark’s Youtueb Channel to judge for yourself!