A cruel person put a chain around a dog’s neck and dragged him behind a car. No one responded!

This cruel scene took place in Tangxia County, China. The owner of a dog tied him by the neck to a van and dragged him through the city. Initially, the pet ran at the pace of the moving car, but then was completely overpowered. The driver was aware that the animal is tired, but didn’t stop the car. 

Witnesses said that he did just the opposite, accelerated! Soon the dog was no longer running, but was being dragged by the car.


Certainly many people saw this situation, but no one dared say anything to the man. Someone responded, but it was already too late, and the animal died due to severe injuries.


China is certainly one of the least friendly countries for dogs. Every year there is a bloody festival held in Yulin, where thousands of pets are killed. In the Middle Kingdom, street fighting dogs are also quite common. This is one of the most beloved pastimes there.

Dogs are also deliberately killed as a result of limiting their growing population and preventing the spread of rabies, which kills about 2,000 Chinese people each year. Although residents are required to ensure that pets have a roof over their head, they don’t always comply with this obligation. A financial penalty can be imposed on anyone who abandons a dog. It’s therefore easier to kill a dog than to pay the fine.


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