A cute guy from years ago isn’t the same as a hot guy today. Take a look at what type of men women were going crazy for in the last century

Men have always cared about their appearance and had their own ideas of what is fashionable and handsome. From patricians in togas to gentlemen in derbies, similarly to women, men’s fashion has changed. Not only did fashion and clothes change, but also the type of man who is considered handsome. 

If you don’t believe it, take a look at this overview of the types of male beauty that have caused the hearts of women in the twentieth century to beat faster.


1900 – Wrestlers and strongmen

The beginning of this century was ruled by muscle and strength. Women attended strongmen shows and admired the muscle flexing men. The most popular of them was Eugen Sandow. Women went wild when they saw him 🙂


1910 – Pure elegance

A man had to have a mustache, tuxedo and a hairstyle almost glued to his head. These are the things women adored one hundred years ago.