A Dad tries to cut the fingernails of his little daughter. This scene will make you laugh from ear to ear

Before giving birth to their daughter, the parents imagined what wonderful moments they will be living once their little angel comes to the world. They often had fairy-tale-like imaginations like from commercials. Rested and smiling parents bend over a sweet tiny baby.

The reality usually turns out to be something that is completely different. The lack of sleep and constant fatigue pester even the most relentless parents. Young fathers are in an especially bad situation, who haven’t gotten used to being in a new rule. They often think that life has turned around 180 degrees, They are frightened by the responsibility resting on them and have problems with even the simplest of tasks.



The video below shows  a father from Sao Paulo, who tries to trim the fingernails of his daughter. When he only brings his scissors closer to her finger, the little one screams and forces him to pull his hand back, after which she bursts in loud laughter. I think many actresses envy her talent. This is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen :).

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