A daughter found a touching letter from her mother. It’s hard not to cry reading her words…

A mother decided to write a moving letter to her grown-up daughter. It’s hard to hold back the tears while reading her words.

Beloved daughter,

When you realize that I am slowly aging, I ask for just only two things: patience and understanding. Put yourself in my shoes, and try to understand what I have to go through.

When we talk, and I happen to repeat myself, don’t cut me off saying: “You’ve just said that”. Patiently listen to what I have to say just as I have patiently read to you a bedtime story every night until you fell asleep.

If you see that I don’t want to take a warm bath, then don’t be not nice. Don’t ashame me and don’t order me around. You probably don’t remember, but when you were small, you also had such days when you didn’t want to take a bath.

When you see that your old mother isn’t doing well with new technology, give me time. I want to slowly learn. Don’t roll your eyes and don’t look at me reproachfully. Please, remind yourself of when I taught you new things. I showed you how to nicely do your hair, how to eat with a fork and a knife…



If I lose my place during a conversation and don’t know what I had to say, give me a moment, so I can remind myself what I wanted to tell you. And if despite this, I won’t be able to finish the conversation, don’t be arrogant and hot-headed.

When my tired legs get weak during a walk, give me your hand, just as I have once handed mine to you. If such a day comes, don’t be sad. Be with me till the end… I will be grateful for every moment we spend together. I only want to tell you one thing, my daughter, lovingly and with a smile on my face: I love you daughter.