A day-old otter pup sleeping on its floating mother’s belly. These pictures are so cute that I can’t stop looking at them!

Sea Otters are very nice and friendly creatures that move around by swimming on their backs and moving their tails. They spend a lot of time in this position, also while sleeping and eating. They’re extremely sociable animals and very eager to play. It turns out that they’re also great parents who take very good care of their children.

The photos below stirred up quite a sensation on the internet in just a few days. They were taken by photographer Connie Levenhagen in the pool of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Photographs show the tiny otter snuggled into the fur of his mommy. It’s a beautiful and unparalleled view, from which it is impossible to pull your eyes away from. See for yourself!

It has to be said, they look really cute!