A doctor had enough of his abnormally thin patients. He said something that will certainly change their lives!

When it comes to weight, most women are obsessed with it. Young women want to be like models and fit into a size 0. Newspaper covers and pictures on the internet torment women with the looks of celebrities and stars, who are able to return to an ideal body shape a few days after giving birth. There is no mention of the drastic ways used to achieve this or the army of fitness professionals and doctors working on their bodies.

On top of that, ordinary women and girls are bombarded with images that are altered using photo editing software. All this makes girls unable to find any joy in eating and satisfaction in their appearance. This is the beginning of serious diseases.lifebuzz-f274a08a24f5c02ac1285fa61051f206-limit_2000


Miracle diets suggested on the internet lead to the destruction of people’s health. That’s why this doctor couldn’t stand it any longer and sent a clear message:

The unreal stars shown in magazines and on television can only talk about how much weight they’ve lost. Most of them have eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia. We feel that we’re being judged by our friends, family and environment. It starts with counting every ounce of food. Increased weight loss can lead to rapid weight gain, and in turn to depression. A common escape is overeating and eating anything at all, which also destroys the body.

The rest of the letter is on the next page. You won’t believe that it was written by a doctor!