A dog and its owner disappeared in the forest. During their search, a police helicopter registered THIS!

When police got a report of a missing elderly man, they knew that the only way to find him in the dense forest full of swamps and bogs would be by using a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera. Martin Kay hadn’t come home for 7 hours and his family sensed the worst.

Helicopters equipped with this equipment are able to search vast areas of land in a short time. Even when it’s dark, the camera based on the temperature of the body is able to capture a lost child or a dangerous criminal who is hiding in the bushes.

In this case, they began to work immediately, because the search area was extremely dangerous. The entire forest was covered in bogs and boggy swamps. There were suspicions that the man was stuck in exactly such a place.

That was the reality. The device indicated that the 67-year-old is in a muddy bog, but not alone! Next to him is his faithful Labrador, Holly Blue. The animal had stayed by his side for 7 hours! The dogs loud barking deterred forest animals and helped rescuers pinpoint their location.

Watch the video of the search.

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