A dog designated to be put to sleep was taken for a last ride. Then he did something that grabs you by the heart

Whoever has a dog or a cat knows very well that one day, a moment will come, when we’ll have to say goodbye to our four-legged friend. It’s extremely difficult but unavoidable. Sometimes it can even get worse, because you have decide on your own whether to put the animal to sleep in order to reduce its suffering.

A Reddit user, called ewhippieyoustink2, had a similar problem. He decided to take his ill dog for an injection that will put him to sleep. Libra lived with him for 15 years. Even as a puppy, she was extremely attached to her owner and didn’t like spending a long time apart. Recently, her health really deteriorated, she had strong convulsions, and suffered horribly…


Her owner couldn’t put off the decision to put her down any longer. Before it, he decided to take her on a ride. He saw how she delights in the pleasant drive, in feeling the warm sunshine on her body and the gentle breeze. It looked as if she was enjoying the last few minutes of life … This extremely moving moment was preserved on an expressive photo. Look!

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