A dog sat on a river bank and waited. What it did is heartbreaking…

This dog went boating with its owners on the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok, Thailand. Some people believe that the dog fell out of the boat and managed to swim to the Rama V pier. The circumstances of the incident aren’t exactly clear. It’s possible that the dog’s owners wanted to get rid of it and threw the dog overboard.

The faithful dog sat on the river bank for a month. It didn’t lose hope and waited for its owners to arrive and take it back home. But that never happened. Nobody knows why the family didn’t return for the dog. Maybe they figured that it had drowned, or maybe they just didn’t want the dog. The second possibility is more likely, because information about the lost dog was put out and widely spread by the press.


The dog stared hopelessly into the surface of the water for many days, looking at the boats passing by. Somehow it managed to find food. Sometimes it relied on the kindness of complete strangers, who gave the animal treats.


Fortunately, one person came forward and decided to give the pet a home. The dog was named Tha Ruea, which translates into Pier.

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