A dog saved kittens from a trash bin!

Some soulless people throw away animals like trash, but not even abandoned animals can take care of each other.

A homeless dog found not only six kittens in a pile of trash, but also has taken them home caringly. Banze heard the kittens crying in a box that was in a pile of trash in the Soa Paulo neighborhood in Brazil. He gently took them out of the box as if he was their mother and took them to their new home.

As a dog who has already been on the streets, Benze knew what it’s like when no one cares about you. He’s gone further than pay his new owner his dues and saved the lives of these kittens from a possible death.

This story was first described in 2012, but Life with Dogs couldn’t help it and share it again, regardless of how old it is.


2Source: Life With Dogs

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