A dog showed people what true love and loyalty means

Friendship is very important and really valuable, because it’s our friends who get us out of trouble, they help us get back on our feet after a fall, and help heal a broken heart. You should remember that while you can always count on your friends, they should be sure of your help. Friendship also comes from the animal kingdom, although some people think that such theories aren’t true.

They can be lead out of their misconception with one incident, which was witnessed by Samuel Flores, who saw an incredible act of friendship between two dogs. When driving by a local cemetery, he saw a dog that was hit by a car lying on the side, and his friends stood guard next to him.

The rundown dog was most likely dead, but Samuel quickly contacted the local animal clinic and asked for help for the animal.


The request for help was quickly answered by Julie Fennel, a local animal enthusiast, who immediately went to the scene.

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