A dog waited for its owner in front of a hospital. When it realized the owner wasn’t coming it did something that will melt your heart

Dogs are probably the most loyal creatures in the world. Images of dogs laying at their owner’s graves have often emerged in the internet. Even after their deaths the animals felt connected with their owners and would keep visiting cemeteries or places where they had seen their beloved humans for the last time.

The film below does not only show the beautiful bond which can happen between a dog and man but also mentions a very important matter – organ donation.


The film tells the story of an old man and his loyal dog. They are very close and practically never separate. The animal wakes his owner up each day and practically follows him everywhere and always waits in front of buildings for his owner to return.

One day the old man gets a heart attack and is taken to hospital. The dog, as always, waits in front of the building. When the doors open, instead of the old-timer, a young woman comes out on a wheelchair. She had received his organs. The dog feels the strong bond and runs to his new owner.

Looks like a part of us can still live in other people. Remember about that!