A dozen useful tricks that every parent should know. Number 10 is the best!

Raising a child is an art that requires a lot of patience. No one is perfect and everyone happens to make a few parenting mistakes. Despite great efforts, sometimes a toddler is able to get on the nerves of even the calmest parent. It is important to be relentless under such circumstances and be able to appropriately take control over the situation.

Being a mom or dad is as much a privilege as it is a duty. It’s a vital role, which is almost never free from anxiety and fear for your child. When the rug rat begins to walk and be curious of the world, they look into almost every nook and cranny and try everything which can possibly fit into their mouth. When the child gets older, they start to have mood swings and their own opinion on every subject. To make the lives of children and parents easier and more colorful, we present 20 useful tricks that will help in the education of young rascals. You have to see them!

1. If the child doesn’t like to eat vegetables, try to decorate them in an interesting way. Broccoli served in such a manner will surely serve the taste buds of a picky eater well.

2. Young children have a difficulty in distinguishing their right and left shoe. You can help your child with this task by cutting a sticker in half and sticking it onto the inserts in both shoes.

3. Cutting a plastic bottle of shampoo in half will make washing their hands easier for them.

4. Children are reluctant to wear hats. If you want them to be worn at all times, think of something original and inventive.
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