A Driver’s Conduct Won Our Hearts!

A bus driver Andre Grandin, during one of his courses, saw something that disturbed him. He interrupted his drive and ran into the street… The passengers were surprised, but they didn’t blame him. He did it in the right order!

Grandin saw a little girl crying on the sidewalk. He decided to check what happened. It turned out that ten-year-old Emilia Behrendtz was crying because she was tormented by her colleagues.


After the incident, he returned to the bus and as if nothing had happened, he began to continue his driving. He did not comment on the incident, nor boasted his attitude.

One of the passengers, Emma Gustaffson took pictures of that event and placed them on Internet. She received more than 50 000 likes on Facebook! This is a sign that people love these quiet, humble heroes and their great deeds.

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