A family friend took a picture of this 3-month old baby. He didn’t know it would cause great harm

When a child comes into the world, we all begin to admire it and how beautiful it is. There is nothing wrong with that. In the end, it was eagerly awaited for 9 months and now can finally be enjoyed.

It is mandatory to take a picture of the new family member. Sometimes it does not end with just one photograph. A dozen shots are taken to capture the sweetest possible expression of the toddler.


The fact that flash cameras may harm the baby was painfully revealed to the parents of a three-month old baby from China. After a family friend made a picture of him from a distance of about 25 centimeters, it became blind on one eye. The family friend forgot to turn off the flash and it damaged the macula in the toddler’s right eye.


Unfortunately, no treatment can restore its vision. The macula develops fully only in four-year olds. In infants, it’s particularly vulnerable, and its’ damage can result in an irreversible loss of vision, as it happened in this case. We do not know whether the parents will hold the person who caused this tragedy responsible.