A father and his sons have an unusual passion: they check the appearance of different objects from the inside. This time, they cut a wasp’s nest open!

It’s said that children, especially boys, love to destroy toys. Oftentimes, what adults see as breaking, for a child is exploration dictated by curiosity, so parents shouldn’t discipline children for the fact that they want to look at various items from the inside.

The role of a parent is to stimulate their child’s curiosity, so that they themselves will want to explore the world and learn new information about it. One American father, Dan, does a phenomenal job by dissecting various objects to show his sons what they look like from the inside. Recently, he showed the boys how a wasp’s nest is built from the inside and the process of cutting it open is an interesting lesson about nature, not only meant for children.


Dan records all his explorations to the interior of objects and uploads the videos to his YouTube channel.

Where can you get a wasp’s nest for such an experiment? Just buy one on eBay.

The nest which he purchased was slightly bigger than a basketball.

What can be used to cut a nest like this one open? The answer can be found on the next page.


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