A father and twin brother make fun of a small child. Funny or cruel?

Making fun of young children who are not able to understand the reality around them is usually funny and innocent. But is it always so?

Meet Reed, a charming 16-month-old boy, and his loving parents Stephen and Carroll. At first glance, they’re an ordinary family, but appearances can be deceiving. Stephen and Carroll are a unique couple, because both of them have their own twin. As it turned out, this also has had an impact on their child…

Stephen and Carroll Ratpojanakul are a happy family.


A couple and their twin siblings.

he couples have known each other for years and had time to get used to mistakes, although at first they did not always feel sure with whom they’re talking to.

After years spent together, the adults can, of course, unmistakably indicate which of the twins is who, but for a several month old child it may be a challenge. So, the father of the uncle decided to conduct a little experiment and see if the child would recognize the true father. To make the child’s task harder, the men switched their glasses, which disoriented the child furthermore.


The game: Where’s Daddy?

Reed paced back and forth among the men, who have brought under doubt the child’s choices, while having good fun. The situation is undoubtedly funny, but after a few switches the child doesn’t seem to be too happy, which raises the question of whether fathers should tease their babies?


The twin brothers and child.