A father carefully peered into his son’s shoe. If he didn’t do it, then the child could have died!

Sometimes children complain that their parents are overprotective. This is particularly troublesome in adolescence, when a teenager wants to enjoy freedom and mom or dad forbids it, controlling when they return from a party and what kind of friends they have. They do it all for the good of their children because they love them very much and would not allow something bad to happen to them.

The watchfulness of parents is hard to lull, and it is a good thing because it may happen that overprotection will save a life as in this case. But let’s start from the beginning!


A boy living in Australia left his sports shoes only for two days (probably in the basement). His father went down to bring them, but he had some strange feeling about them and he looked inside. He immediately saw that the inside of the shoe is covered with spider web. He knew what is in there … He sprayed the shoes with insecticide, but nothing happened. So he put a stick in there and then one of the most venomous spiders – Atrax robustus (fowler Australian) appeared. His chelicerae are even able to break a fingernail. I dread to think what would happen if the boy had put his foot into the shoe!


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