A father left his adopted daughter in the woods. His reason for doing so is really shallow

The video below has a really strong message. It shows the fate of a small girl, who was adopted. She feels great in her new home! A nice welcoming, happy family and a stepsister with whom she made a great relationship. However, a little later things start to get worse.

The girl spills a red liquid on tablecloth. The stepmother gets terribly angry and a serious fight ensues. From that moment the adopted daughter doesn’t eat with the family at one table, and the parents see her as being unbearable and burdensome.

The residents were fed up with the situation and decided to get rid of the little girl. The father takes her to the woods and leaves her on the road. Of course, this situation didn’t really happen. It’s part of a meaningful social campaign that’s aimed at opening peoples’ eyes to the problem of abandoned animals, who owners think are boring or who are a bad Christmas gift.

Every year, hundreds of quadrupeds are left at the mercy of fate (mostly during vacation time or New Year’s.) Owners treat them a lot like objects, and in extreme cases, they abuse them violently or tie them to trees or poles so they don’t try to run after their car. If someone doesn’t find a tied dog in time, then its condemned to a brutal and slow death.