A father let his daughter eat the warm heart of a deer that had just been killed. It’s horrible, but it really happened

Johnny Yuile is a New Zealand police officer and also an avid fan of hunting. His 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, also likes her father’s passion and recently went on a hunting trip with him.

The girl shot a young deer, tracking it down in the bush of Makapu Station, all by herself. From a distance of 44 yards, she fired an accurate shot which knocked the animal to the ground. The proud father decided to share her achievement by uploading photos from the hunting trip onto Facebook. He also wrote this caption:


I’m proud of my pink princess ninja – Chloe, 8 years old, killed a young deer for the first time. She shot him in the bush on a friend’s farm last weekend with a 7mm-08 Remington rifle. Then she bit into its warm and quivering heart.


The pictures and the man’s words triggered an avalanche of hatred on the web. Internet users claimed that Johnny is mentally ill, and that his daughter’s behavior reflects his state of mind. However, the hunter remained unmoved and responded to the haters with these words:

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