A father posted this picture on Facebook. When you see its second half, you’ll understand what’s going on

Carter Gentle from Farmington was born with a congenital heart defect. His family surrounded him with tenderness and love, which he seriously needed. The life of this seven-year old boy is a constant struggle and a series of operations for saving his life.

Recently he had twelve open-heart surgeries. When he had the bandages taken off, the boy got worried by what he saw. His little body was covered with disfiguring scars, he immediately thought that he would be ridiculed by everyone.

Carter had his bandages taken off in the morning. When he saw the scars, he cried for nearly an hour. He was afraid that people will think that he’s ugly – wrote Mark Gentle, his father.

It was hard to listen to what he had to say. We told him with my wife that he looks like a superhero with the scars.





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