A father putting his daughter to sleep. Pay attention to what he was doing with his hands!

There are many methods for putting a child to sleep. One of the most popular of these is, of course, rocking or carrying them in your arms. When a baby is very naughty, then a last resort is giving it a ride in a car. It’s quite an unconventional method, but it has quite good results.

Some kids prefer to fall sleep in the arms of their parents. In the end, there probably isn’t any safer place in the house. They feel comfortable and quickly calm down. Additional hugging, stroking and scratching the back comforts it. When the baby gets used to this, it is difficult to putt it to sleep in a different way, so you have to be careful with what you decide.


Usually the specialists in calming children and putting them to sleep are the mothers, but it also happens that fathers are very good at it too. The following video is the best evidence. It shows how a little girl lies cradled in the arms of her daddy. When the man tries to lift his hands, she gives him a clear sign that he should stop immediately.

See, one of the sweetest recordings in the world! I have already melted!