A father refused to pay for his daughter’s wedding. When I found out why, I agreed with him!

Families more often fall apart and start over. Some parents apply themselves to their responsibilities and try, so that their children will have everything that they need. Others run away from responsibility and are parents only for a moment. Sometimes, it happens that the stepfather turns out to be a responsible and loving person, who takes care of the children and tries to make sure that they aren’t missing anything.

One of these men is George from Utah, who published a post online, where he told the story of why he decided to pull out the money that was supposed to be spent on his daughter’s wedding.

He supported the daughter of his partner ever since they started to see each other. Their relationship started 10 years ago. The girl finished college, which was paid for by her stepfather, since her mom didn’t work and her biological father wasn’t interested. The girl could drive to school by car, which her stepfather bought. Then, she didn’t start to work. After school, she returned to be supported by her parents. Georg writes about the biological father:

Sometimes her biological father appeared in her life, and she really lied to him through her teeth. Even though he didn’t help her, and didn’t pay alimony, since the girl didn’t even demand this. He showed up, and kept breaking her heart, and she still loved him.

For about a half a year, the mother and daughter were planning a big wedding for 250 people. Georg asked her to have them invite 20 guests from his side. He was paying for everything, and thought that a few people wouldn’t be a problem. Georg told the guests about the wedding day, so that they could put aside some time.



But he was quite surprised when he met one of his friends, and it turned out that he wasn’t invited, he only got information that the wedding will be happening. As to back up his claims, the would-be guest showed him the announcement that were signed by the daughter, mother and… biological father of the daughter. Georg felt terrible. It turned out, that none of his friends were invited.




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