A father’s love for his daughters isn’t comparable to anything. Here are some charming pictures, showing the unique relationship between dads and their little princesses

The sight of a man taking care of children is always touching for a woman and makes them become more masculine in their eyes. Without a doubt, a father who takes care of his little daughter with concern and dedication is the dream of every mother.

For girls, dads are their first protectors and heroes, and therefore play such an important role in their lives. A father is also the first male role model which a child meets, so women in adulthood compare their partners to their fathers, using this as a way to tell whether they will be good husbands. The uniqueness of the bond between a father and daughter was what young painter Snezhana Soosh decided to eternalize using her watercolors.


Here are 14 arguments why fathers are desperately needed by their little daughters and proof that they’re ready to make anything that they wish for happen.

1. Fathers scare away monsters from under the bed that lurk there at night


2. To make their daughter happy, they undertake tasks typical for woman, e.g. braiding pigtails


3. Giving the child piggyback rides ensures they have the best vantage point


4. Fathers are like huge stuffed animals