A few years ago, this couple consciously chose to live without money. Does their life look the way they imagined it? The truth is shocking!

The contemporary world seems to be focused primarily on the accumulation of material goods, including money. Since childhood we are told to learn so in the future we could find a good job with a high salary, which guarantees life at a certain level. But does money really give happiness?

A certain couple from Germany thinks differently! For them true happiness and a lack of problems comes from a lack of money!




Raphael Fellmere with his wife and a tiny baby for several years had lived without accumulating any material goods. They wanted to confirm their theory that society can be better and happier without money. They didn’t make this decision because they had problems finding a job.

It started right after college..

Raphael went on a trip from Europe to Mexico with some friends and with no financial backing. These young people gained food and transportation by doing favours and odd jobs for people they met on their way. During the journey Fellmere met his current wife, Nieves Palmer, who shared his approach to life. Soon their child was born.

Nowadays they live in Berlin and still don’t bother with the collecting money. You might think that they are lazy, but it can’t be further from the truth! Raphael works 40-50 hours per week on a number of various pro-social projects, as well as doing minor jobs for affable people, who pay him back in food, essential items or accommodation.

The situation of Fellmeres is certainly better because medical care in Germany is free, so in case of health problems they can always count on the help of doctors. When Fellmere’s wife was pregnant one gynaecologist took care of her until the birth – in exchange for working in his garden.

Fellmeres rightly pointed out that a modern civilization not only produces too much food, but also a lot of places where people could live.

Everything which may be needed for life is easier to find than you may think. You just need to be kind, constantly make new friends and have a positive attitude. The rest will follow! 🙂