A firefighter rescued a girl from a fire, 17 years later she did something in return…

Mike Hughes hasn’t ever forgotten the call to a fire 17 years ago. When firefighters arrived at the location, the house was already burning fiercely. Although the firefighting plan was proceeding smoothly, and members of the Davison family were leaving the house, their 9-month-old daughter was still inside.

Mike didn’t think long. He ran into the burning building, quickly searched the house and found the little girl. The small child was lying in her bed. The firefighter gently wrapped her in a blanket and carried her out of the burning building.

Mike never forgot about the girl whose life he saved. After years of using a social networking site, he decided to find out how she is and how her life had unraveled. He wrote her a message, and she quickly wrote back to him. Since then they’ve remained in constant contact, and Mike became a second father to the girl.


17 years later, Dawnielle invited Mike to her high school graduation and in front of everyone there, thanked him for what he did. When she stepped up to the podium, Mike couldn’t hold back his tears. Especially when the girl said:

Mike’s presence is really important for me. I always cry with tears of joy when I think that it could’ve been much different. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here now.


It’s amazing, the kind of friendship, that has connected these two people.