A former model showed what she was hiding under a thick layer of makeup. Should she be ashamed?

Some women have a lot of inferiority complexes, and, although they are nice and clever, they can always find a flaw to worry about. Theyr are often wrong as what seems unattractive to them, does not, in fact, look all that bad. They are looking for nonexistent problems. Instead of enjoying life and using it to the full, they preferring to complain about their crooked nose, cellulite and stretch marks.

The fashion model Brianna Rice could not accept her appearance for a long time. Looking in the mirror, she was crying and feeling ugly. Her true face was concealed under a thick layer of makeup, and fans did not notice her problems with skin pigmentation.


She mastered the art of makeup and sat for a few hours to conceal the white spots she had by layers of concealer and primer. She did it for 10 years!


She would probably do it still, if not for the fear of being discovered. Every day, she felt insecure and afraid that someone will finally discover her secret. Fearing condemnation, she still decided to confess everything.

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