A friendship with a dog saved his life. Now this man has decided to show the animal his gratitude!

The friendship that has been around for thousands of years between dogs and people cannot be overrated. Dogs save people in different situations, they can give a person a meaning to life, and take care of or protect him. Dogs love their owners with their whole heart, and they’re capable of sacrificing their life for them.

As it turns out, even strong soldiers need help. An example is the story of Justin Lansford, who lost his leg in Afghanistan in an explosion and fell ill with post-traumatic stress disorder. His life has become a nightmare filled with fears.

Thankfully, Justin got a lot of support for fighting with his illness in the form of a two-year-old golden retriever, Gabe. Both are part of the “Warrior Canine Connection” organization, which helps veterans with problems. Just and Gabe quickly befriended each other.


Last week Justin married his school sweetheart – Carol Balmes.