A frightened poodle runs to protect a toddler. You’ll never guess from what!

It has long been known that dogs are excellent babysitters and protectors of children. They are ideal caretakers, who when the need arises, will defend the weak. Some animals react badly when a new member appears in the family.

They’re afraid of their unpredictable behavior and constant crying. There are also dogs that almost immediately accept a toddler and want to be their second mother.


Eekichi, the Poodle in the video below, definitely belongs to the latter group. When he hears any strange sounds, he immediately runs to protect the child. Although he is a hundred times more scared, he knows that he must protect the baby against the dangerous “monster,” which in this case is a huge dryer.

His owner, Alyssa Bitante, is a professional dog groomer. Because of this, the dog is familiar with many unpleasant sounds, yet every time he reacts in the same way – runs and lies down next to the child.

See the brave hero in action and decide for yourself, whether he’s hugging the infant out of care, or out of fear for his own life.


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